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Tips For Healthy Life - Herman Ray JOHNSON JR

11 Mayıs 2016 Çarşamba 08:12

Happy day to everyone in beautiful Turkey, I hope all is well. The human body could actually last for a very long time. The individual is responsible for the productivity, and over all health of his own body... yes, we all have been given one body and it is up to you how long your body will last here on earth. Example: we take care of our automobiles with weekly, monthly, and yearly  maintenance... what about your bodies? How do you take care of your body on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis?

The way you eat determines how healthy your body will be for a lifetime. The best simple way to gain, develop, or maintain a healthy body is by eating healthy foods, drinking healthy beverages, exercising and rest.
Eating: Fruits and vegetables... It has been proven that fruits and vegetables have Great nutrients for the body like... 
Calcium- Which is healthy for bones, teeth, and help muscles, nerves and most glands function normally. 
Fiber- Decreases the risk of heart decease.
Folate- May help reduce the risk of birth defects like... Brain or spinal cord.
Iron- For health blood and normal functioning of cells.
Magnesium- Good for healthy bones and works with hundreds of enzymes in the body.
Potassium- Help keeps the blood pressure normal.
Sodium- Needed for cell functioning.
Vitamin A- Keeps the eyes and skin healthy and helps fight and protect against infections.
Vitamin C- Promotes healthy teeth and gums, and help heal cuts and wounds.
There are so much more great things the body will benefit from just by eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables daily, now you have an Idea what to expect from eating them.
The way you exercise determines how long your body will last and how long you will be physically productive during a life time.
1. Find a exercise routine that you can safely execute daily.
2. Find a exercise  routine that will "stimulate the body not annihilate the body."
A. Stimulate the body-
Exercises should cause the body to grow and develop in a positive way. Exercise should cause the body to have more energy during a full day, help the body burn fat at a high level, flexibility , strengthens, increases endurance, relieves stress, and promotes great sleep... there is so much more!
B. Annihilating the body- This is when you over exercise your body, which leads to injuries, and fatigue.
Keep exercising simple and fun: For cardiovascular... Walking, Jogging, Sprints, Swimming, Cycling and basically any sport that involves running for 60 minutes.
For muscular strengthening... Push ups, pull ups, Bunny Hops, air squats (squatting movement using your body weight), Bunny Hops, weight lifting and using weight resistance machines.   
Drink more water than any other type of fluids and have low to no sodas.
Remember when your body tells you that it is hungry it is lacking nutrition so when it is time to eat consider how healthy is the food for you... When you feel like that you are hungry it is clear indication.
That your body is burning stored fat.
EAT healthy stay fit and love at all times! 

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